Reflekter over hvilken følelse det giver dig at nå i mål.

Type af følelseBeskrivelse
Peace-Pure, Perfect, Complete, Fulfilled,
free of fears, needs and wants
-Serene, Quiet, Undisturbed
-Free, Clear, Aware
-Wholeness, One
-Aware of the totality/absurdity of everything
as well as its uniqueness across time and space.
“All fixed concepts drop away”
“…like a man on a mountaintop with a panoramic view”
“Discover how exciting the here and now is.”
-Being, Not planning the future, Focused on what is
in front of one’s nose
-To be in “flow”, to loose track of time,
be deeply immersed in reality
“Do exactly what is needed in a situation,
in a beyond-personal way —
without thinking about time,
about what you should feel or
whether you should be afraid”

“Try to always do
what is right in front of your nose without
being distracted. That is real freedom.”
“We see everything that happens as
exciting, as interesting,
as a possibility to learn, without being caught by it.
Everything shows what is possible.”
-“Everything is OK”
“…seeing everything as fantastic just because
it can happen”
-“I can”
-Being a know it all
“Or if you are easily bothered by someone else,
think, “Luckily I only have to be with him for
ten minutes. But he has to put up with himself
twenty-four hours a day. Poor guy!”
-Can’t wait
-Must have it
-Nostalgia to good times
-“I can’t”
-Stuck, “Frozen”

Kilde: Sedona Method, Questions to Lama Ole Nydahl